When you think of home security, the first place you will probably think of is your bedroom.

Why? Well, the bedroom is where most people store their valuables. So it makes sense to install covert spy cameras in your bedroom to ensure you can catch a burglar with video and audio footage.

Here are the best spy cameras for bedrooms to make sure a burglar will not get away with your most precious personal belongings!

The Alarm Clock Spy Camera

alarm clock spy camera


Camouflage (does it look natural in a bedroom): Yes
Does it look valuable (likelihood of being stolen) No
Can it save to the cloud (incase of being stolen): Yes

Overall Rating : 7/10

Why this is perfect for your bedroom

When you think of protecting your bedroom with a spy camera, you have to use one which looks natural. The alarm clock spy camera fits the bill perfectly.

Even with the advent of sophisticated alarms and clocks on mobile phones, may people still prefer to use an alarm clock to make sure they wake up on time.

So it looks perfectly in place in a bedroom.

Furthermore, burglars know that alarm clocks are not valuable, so they won’t waste their time by stealing it. So you won’t lose your precious footage!

There are many options on the market, including motion activated spy alarm clocks – which are perfect for protecting your bedroom valuables.

Also you can use Wifi alarm clocks as a backup, so that the spy camera will upload to the cloud as well as your memory card. So, even if the alarm clock is smashed, you will still have your footage!

Check out our guide to how Wifi Spy cameras work if you want to know more about this.

Electrical Outlet Hidden Covert Camera

electrical outlet spy camera


Camouflage (does it look natural in a bedroom): Yes
Does it look valuable (likelihood of being stolen) No
Can it save to the cloud (incase of being stolen): Yes
Bonus : Available with streaming option

Overall rating for bedroom security : 8.5/10

What is more normal than a power socket in your bedroom? What bedroom does not have a power socket?

This is why the electrical outlet spy camera is perfectly disguised in your bedroom. No burglar on earth would give it a second look!

These spy cameras come with the necessary screws and fittings and easily fit onto the wall – so you can install them wherever you want to get the maximum range of vision.

Most people get 2 so they can effectively cover the whole bedroom from 2 angles.

What’s even cooler is that these spy cameras are typically dual function. So they even serve as a proper electrical outlet – so you can even replace your existing outlets and use these instead!

Most of these devices come with motion detection as standard – and even wifi connectivity – so you can monitor any untoward activities from anywhere in the world.

Let’s say a burglar enters your home whilst you are on holiday. The camera will turn on the moment they detect untoward motion – then stream instantly to your phone. So you can see the burglar in real time (and take action, such as calling the police).

The footage will automatically be uploaded remotely, as well as stored on the SD card of the spy camera.

Spy cameras for bedroom security don’t come much better than this! Highly recommended.

Photo Frame Spy Camera

photo frame spy camera


Camouflage (does it look natural in a bedroom): Yes
Does it look valuable (likelihood of being stolen) No
Can it save to the cloud (incase of being stolen): Yes

Overall rating for bedroom security : 7.5/10

This is one of the best looking spy cameras on the list as you can see from the picture.

It’s also insanely well disguised – many people choose to hang pictures in their bedroom, so the wall hung photo spy camera would never be detected.

However you’d need to only use 1 to avoid suspicion. A good option would be to combine it with some other spy cameras on our list.

You would need to hang it at one end of the room to get the absolute best range of vision.

The narrower range of vision is probably the only drawback, which is why it scores relatively lower than the electrical outlet spy camera (plus it’s not as well disguised).

This spy camera is best used in conjunction with others on our list due to these 2 limitations.

A good combination would be : an alarm clock spy camera, 1 electrical outlet camera and a wall mounted picture spy camera.

These range of cameras come with motion detection as standard, though not all are equipped with uploading to Wifi or real time streaming.

I’ve checked out the reviews of these cameras on Amazon, and they are typically very well received. They are not plagued with problems like some spy cameras, and are very easy to set up and use.

You just hang them up, set them on motion detection and leave them protecting your bedroom!

Smartphone Charger Dock Spy Camera

smartphone charger dock spy camera


Camouflage (does it look natural in a bedroom): Yes
Does it look valuable (likelihood of being stolen) No
Can it save to the cloud (incase of being stolen): Not usually

Overall rating for bedroom security : 7/10

A charger dock is another common item that doesn’t look out of place in a bedroom. So this spy camera scores highly on camouflage.

However the field of vision is typically more limited than the other spy cameras on our list.

You could place this on the floor, plugged into an electrical outlet in a place where you don’t have other spy cameras to get around this issue.

Once again, motion detection is standard, and this device also doubles as a phone charger so you can charge your mobile phones as well.

One further limitation is that this device typically does not save to Wifi and doesn’t support live streaming – so you will not be able to see a burglar ransacking your bedroom in real time.

For this reason, this spy camera scores the lowest on our list.


When you’re choosing a spy camera to protect your bedroom, you want a combination of disguise, functionality, ease of use and features.

These spy cameras are only a taste of what is available. There are many more options on the market.

My personal recommendation would be to use 2 or 3 different spy cameras to ensure you collect the necessary footage to prosecute any burglar who attempts to steal your most prized posessions.

If Wifi is important to you, be sure to read our article on how Wifi spy cameras work to make sure you are fully informed before purchasing your chosen spy cameras for bedroom protection.

Keep safe and happy spying!