With recent media coverage of unscrupulous Airbnb owners covertly recording guests, and a general suspicion that our privacy is under constant attack, Spy Cameras have to be increasingly well disguised to be fit for purpose.

Here we list common everyday items that are currently available as a Spy Camera – so you can use buy one for your own use, or gain the knowledge to check that you are not being filmed against your wishes!

Smoke Detector Hidden Cameras

Smoke Alarm Spy Camera

If you do a google search for smoke detectors, you might notice that the search engine giant helpfully completes your search…By querying if your smoke detector is a hidden camera.

Creeped out yet? The autocomplete means that Google has statistically calculated that this is something you might be looking for, and it wants to make it easier for you by saving you the bother of typing it out yourself.

It only arrives at this conclusion because lots of people have typed this exact query before…So hidden cameras in smoke detectors is clearly something that a lot of people are worried about.

Let’s examine a typical smoke detector spy camera and see where the camera is:

spy camera smoke detector

As you can see, it’s very well disguised. The bottom line? If you are in an unfamiliar situation where you are concerned about being recorded, don’t say anything incriminating, and look for the telltale small pinhole camera, usually at the top side of the device.

Spy Teddy Bear Cameras

teddy bear spy camera

Who can forget the scene in the Wolf Of Wall Street Movie where a hidden camera was disguised within a large teddy bear. Unless you’re a highly unscrupulous penny stock trader who is ripping off people for millions of dollars, you probably don’t need to worry about your house being bugged against your knowledge or consent. But it’s worthwhile knowing how sneakily these cameras can be hidden.

When you think of teddy bears, you think of small children lovingly hugging and bonding with their favourite furry toy – which is precisely why these hidden cameras are so effective. No one would ever suspect they contain a secret video recording device!

If you want to set up a spy camera within your home to protect against burglars, then a teddy bear spy camera might be perfect for the job. Check out our guide to using spy cameras for home security for more information.

Wall Clock Spy Camera

wall clock spy camera

Most people have at least 1 wall clock in their home, usually in the kitchen and living room. It’s such a common household item that no one would suspect they might contain a hidden camera.

Think about the placement of these spy cameras, and you’ll realise that with their elevated position in the room they typically afford a wide range of vision, and can catch activity for most of the room.

If you’re ever staying at a friends house or an Airbnb and you just want to be sure that there are no hidden cameras in the house, check out our guide to finding spy cameras using an Android device for further guidance.

The Spy Watch

This is the first on our list of body worn spy cameras. I personally love Spy Watch Cameras because they offer an unparalleled range of movement, and are very hard to detect.

Spy Watch cameras are always DVR’s, which means that all the functions of the camera are built into the device itself – they are a complete self contained unit. Check out the picture below to see where you’ll find the camera and audio recorder on my spy watch camera:

Spy camera watch parts

My Spy Watch Camera With The Features Highlighted

It should be clear that you can capture a range of angles using the spy watch camera by standing in different positions and manouvering your wrist. No one would be any wiser because they are so well disguised.

The only possible reason anyone would suspect you are secretly recording using a body worn camera is if you start acting unnaturally; for example sweating, speaking in a nervous voice, or standing in a weird position. If you’re thinking of buying a watch camera and want to avoid getting busted check out our guide to using body worn cameras without getting caught!

Spy Camera Water Bottle

water bottle hidden spy camera

This is surely the most well disguised everyday item on our list. Who doesn’t leave water bottles lying around their house…Or in the gym or workplace?

These types of Spy Cameras offer the ultimate in versatility because they look natural in any situation – at home, outside, on a train, in work , in the gym. They are perfect for in public or in the privacy of your own home.

However there are downsides to this kind of spy camera. They rely on replacing the outer packaging whenever you want to review the footage – which makes them expensive for long term use. Hardly ideal for a long term investment, despite their advantages!

You would need to have eyes like superman to detect these kind of covert recording devices. If you ever see a water bottle that looks out of place and you are worried about being recorded, take a moment to turn it around so that you are out of the field of view of the camera!

The Spy Pen Camera

spy pen camera on shirt

Spy Pen Cameras are our second boy worn spy camera on the list. They have similar applications as Spy Watch cameras, such as recording meetings, catching thieves in the workplace, etc.

Women can also use these types of spy cameras to protect against unwanted harassment in the workplace. She can simply attach the spy pen camera to her jacket and use it to garner evidence in the event of repeat unwanted advances from male colleagues.

A nervous interviewee can also use these kind of devices to record their job interviews for later review and feedback. Since job interviews tend to ask the same groups of questions time and again, the candidate can record the conversation and script perfect answers to the common questions so they are not caught off guard in the future. There are many uses for these kinds of devices.

Spy Camera Picture Frame (Wall Mounted)

photo frame spy camera

Our final entry on the list, the Spy Photo Frame is one of the most attractive on the list. It’s yet another common everyday household item that you would expect to see in any civilised household.

Like the wall mounted clock Spy Camera, the photo frame is typically attached in the living room or kitchen. A typical configuration for home security would be to have 2 cameras of these type in each room to ensure you get maximum coverage and protection.

As you can see these spy cameras are built with aesthetic in mind and come in a range of attractive designs. If you’re thinking about buying one of these, be sure to check out our guide to spy camera home security.

The next time you visit someone’s house who you don’t know well, try paying close attention to wall mounted photo frames…You never know what you might spot!


We hope this article has shown you the sheer number of seemingly innocuous everyday items that can be repurposed as a Spy Camera. You may have heard of some of them, but we’re sure that some will be a surprise to you.

If you’re a private kind of person who is anxious at the thought of being covertly filmed, you need to follow some basic precautions as we’ve outlined in the article, whislt at the same time not becoming paranoid and letting privacy concerns ruin your life.

Remember there are laws governing the use of covert filming and audio, which are still quite strict in countries like the United States.

Also bear in mind that whilst secret recordings can be embarassing, you’re not likely to go to jail unless you’re up to some seriously dodfy business!

Equally, if you’re looking to buy a Spy Camera, have a look at our thorough guides and reviews to assist you in your decision.

Either way – happy spying (or perhaps happy spy detecting!)