Are you worried about thieves stealing your personal belongings? This is where Spy Cameras really come into their own to protect your prized posessions from theft.

What’s more, if the worst happens and your belongings are stolen, you will need evidence to assist law enforcement in bring thieves to justice. Spy cameras are ideal for this.

With some basic precautions and a little know how you can protect yourself from burglars with the right spy camera set up. Here’s how you do it:

Know How Burglars Enter Homes

To choose the best home security set up to catch thieves, you’ll want to know the most common entry points. Check out the diagram below (which may surprise a lot of you!)

entry points for burglars

Incredibly the majority of burglars walk right through the front or back door. So the first thing you can do even before considering getting Spy Cameras is to take basic precautions:

  • Never leave keys in hiding places such as under a front or back door mat. Burglars are often experienced professionals and this is the first place they will look for keys.
  • Burglars often attempt to kick your doors down (or use heavy tools). Consider strong deadbolts to make it much harder for them!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to factor in the most common entry points when you consider the placement of your spy cameras.

Where To Place The Spy Cameras To Catch Thieves

If you’ve got a yard, either front or back (or both) , the most obvious place to put spy cameras is in an elevated position with a wide field of view. That way you can surveil the burglar as they approach your property.

Think about a telegraph pole , tree branch or even a bird feeder. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can check out our article on camouflaging a spy camera.

bird feeder spy camera

A well placed bird feeder spy camera will capture footage of the front and back of your property

When you place this kind of spy camera in your front and back yard can surveil the entire area for unwanted intruders. You’ll want a motion activated spy camera that switches on when it detects movement (obviously not birds, because you wont put out feed!). More on this later.

You could hang this camera by attaching to a tree to get the perfect position.

Another option is a well disguised tree stump. The spy camera below would do the job perfectly.

tree stump spy camera

A tree stump set back in front and back yard can also capture the necessary footage

You’ll also need a camera that can record at night as well as in the daytime. An infrared spy camera would be the best bet.

Getting The Right Kind Of Spy Camera Set Up

Motion Activated Spy Cameras

The first thing you need to think about is making sure you get the right kind of cameras to record suspicious activities. Whilst surveillance systems such as CCTV are appropriate in some situations, if you want to protect your home they are not the best choice.

Firstly, CCTV systems are typically very expensive. Most people cannot afford them and if you choose spy cameras intelligently you can get the same results at a fraction of the cost.

This also record continuously. Whilst this is useful in a shop or department store, it’s useless for your home because you would have to review hours and hours of footage for only a few minutes of activity.

You need a motion activated spy camera.

Motion activated spy cameras only record when they detect motion. If there is no motion for 3 minutes (or so), they switch off. So, this ensures you’ll only get the footage you want, and that the batteries will not run out on the spy camera!

Wireless Spy Camera Set Up

The next thing you’ll need to think about is real time alerting of suspcious activity on your home.

To assist law enforcement in catching the thief, you’ll want to hand them the evidence as soon as possible – or possibly even catch them red handed! To do this, you’ll need wireless Spy Cameras.

Wireless spy cameras connect to your wifi and can send you real time alerts when they switch on. In some cases you can even watch the activity right on your phone as it is happening! So even if you’re on holiday and a burglar is prowling around your premises, you can see what is happening and call the police.

In other cases, the alerting system sends you push notifications with screenshots of the footage that is being captured. Check out below to see exactly what this looks like:

alert spy camera

Spy Camera alerts send via push notifications to your phone.

Don’t worry – you can configure the sensitivity of the motion detection and the alerts exactly as you want.

Choosing Spy Cameras To Catch Thieves

So you now know the most common entry points for burglars. You know how to protect the front and back yard if you have one.

You should also consider protecting the front and back door as these are the most common entry points.

Spy Cameras for front and back doors

There are lots of available front and back door cameras you can use to protect your property.

Here are the features that you should look for when you decide which camera is best suited to the job:

  • The camera resolution should be 1080p or higher. This is necessary to make sure you capture the burglars face and licence plate perfectly when they try to get access to your property.
  • Look for one with a speaker. This is extra cool because the second they approach your premises you are alerted. You can then warn them off via the speaker – surely enough to dissuade them from even trying to break in!
  • As explained already, make sure it is motion activated with Wifi hookup. (Most of these types of spy cameras will be!

front door security camera

A typical front door security camera

Of course, there are a variety of front door security cameras. You can find ones which are well camouflaged and won’t act as any kind of visual deterrent to the would be burglar.

Other uses for front door spy cameras with speaker

Another use for this kind of setup is to protect your kids. Imagine you have to run an errand and the kids are left at home.

A stranger comes to your house and tries to gain entry. He rings the doorbell, and despite telling your kids never to answer the door to strangers, he manages to get into your home.

With a good spy camera with speaker, you can warn them off and get them away from your home before they think about going any further.


I hope this article has been helpful to you.

Before wasting a lot of money on full CCTV cameras, consider a well placed set of spy cameras to protect your home from thieves. As you can see, you have to bear in mind a few key points to protect your home:

  • The cameras must be Wireless with push notifications so you can be alerted in real time when someone approaches your property
  • The cameras must be motion activated
  • They must be 108p quality or higher so you can pick out the face of the thief
  • Ideally, front and back door cameras should have a speaker so you can warn any burglars off before they think of breaking into your home. This is also useful to protect your kids from strangers

If you follow these simple guidelines your home will be safe from thieves.

Protecting the inside of your home is a different matter. We’ve written a detailed guide on the best cameras for home security inside your home which may be of interest. Check it out if you’re concerned about securing the inside of your home, if a determined burglar manages to get around all of your security systems.