In the world of technology, Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming integrated into more and more devices.

The recent CES 2019 unveiled a toilet which has Alexa integration.

So it has come as no surprise that this integration is also very popular in the world of Spy Cams.

However…….are they useful and should I buy one?

The answer is that they are only worth having if your other devices use Alexa/Google Assistant and you intend to integrate them into the ‘automated home’.

Stand-alone the advantages are limited to people with mobility issues.

What is Alexa and Google Assistant?

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are both digital voice assistants. They are designed to execute any of your voice commands.

What they are able to do that is dependant on if it understands the command and if the end device is integrated to that voice assistant.

Alex & Google

Google Home Speaker on the left and Amazon Alexa Echo Speaker on the right.

For example, asking the voice assistant to “Start recording Spy Camera” will only work if the spy camera is integrated otherwise the response will be “what spy camera?”.

As more and more devices become integrated it opens up new possibilities such as settings up multiple actions within one command.

An example could be the command “Engage night mode”. This could lock all the doors, turn off the lights and turn the security cameras on.

Again this is all reliant on those elements being integrated into the voice assistant.

Currently, there is a lot of competition to find out which voice assistant will come out on top with various companies pledging their allegiance to one of the voice assistants.

Personally, I think in the next couple of years most products will integrate with BOTH.

Pro Tip:- You don’t need a voice assistant speaker to access the functions. Google assistant is built into newer android phones as standard and the Alexa app can be downloaded from the google play store.

Benefits of Spy Cameras with Alexa and Google Assistant


Currently, most spy cameras are controlled using either a button on the physical device or using a related app on your phone.

Activating the features of your spy camera when simply stating the command is so much easier.

As more and more devices become integrated with voice assistants this means that the voice command could be in any room that has a device.

The Automated home

As stated earlier, the power of the voice assistants is when they are able to control multiple devices using simple commands.

This idea of a house which has multiple functions all controlled by one voice assistant is known as the automated home as is currently very popular.

Future-Proof Smart Devices

More and more devices are being built with the capability to be controlled by voice assistants.

Some experts predict in 10 years all the devices in your home could be integrated.

Therefore buying a spy camera with Alexa and Google Assistant ensures the camera will be useful for years to come.

It could also help with the resale value in the future.

Ideal for people with Mobility Issues

One of the big advantages of a voice assistant is it removes the need to use the phone or the fiddly controls on the device.

The group that benefits most from this are those with mobility issues whether its the disabled or old.

The group that benefits most are those with mobility issues

The group that benefits most are those with mobility issues.

There are multiple advantages to people with mobility issues such as being able to operate devices in their home without having to move or being able to call for help should they fall.

What to look out for when Buying Spy Cameras Alexa and Google Assistant

Value for money

There are some spy cameras out there that have the latest voice assistants but at the detriment of other functions.

Make sure the ability to use voice assistants is bundled on top of all the normal expected functionality.

Take a look at a similar camera that doesn’t have the integrated voice assistants and compare the functionality.

They should be very similar.

Now check out the price, again they should be roughly similar, the added ability to use the voice assistant should not be expensive.

The integration is provided using a simple chip sold by Amazon (Alexa) and Google.

As these companies are keen for more and items to be integrated they are selling these chips very cheaply.

Hence the reason the cost shouldn’t be much more.

Key items to look for when comparing cameras is the resolution, infrared technology and weatherproof rating (for outdoors it should be IP65 or above).

Account Subscription fees

Another sneaky trick used by some vendors is to add account subscription fees to the product.

The vendor knows that with new technology there will inevitably be an increase in problems and support calls.

To cover this some have added an account subscription fee.

There is no viable reason for this so simply don’t buy their cameras.


With voice commands and integration on multiple devices, this means even more data traffic.

This traffic is communicated via the internet and as such is suspectable to hacking.

Therefore security is even more important with these devices.

Ensure the camera has Reliable Encryption Methods.

The recommended Encryption protocols are SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption and TLS-enabled

Our Pick of the best

Netvue Wireless IP Camera with Motion Detection

This is an Alexa integrated camera. As well as the voice assistant it has loads of other great features.

Great quality camera recording at 720P HD video with a particularly good 12 pcs IR LEDs.

This allows for a viewing distance of up to 32 feet in pitch dark which is more than needed for an indoor camera.

Netvue Wireless IP Camera with Motion Detection

Netvue Wireless IP Camera with Motion Detection

This also has a great app to integrate with all the functionality of the camera including an impressive 52dB microphone & speaker and anti-noise technology.

I liked the impressive panoramic viewing angle. This camera has a 100°wide-angle lens with 355°horizontal & 100°(up 90°+ down 10°) vertically rotation range to achieve 360°panoramic viewing.

Bosiwo 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

As well as having Alexa integration this camera this the added ability to integrate with other Amazon products such as Echo Show, spot and even a fire stick.

So whatever amazon products you have in the house, the information can be streamed from this camera simply using the voice commands.

Bosiwo 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

Bosiwo 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

As well as having great Alexa functions it also has lots of other high functionality.

This camera has a superb waterproof rating. This is IP66 which the International Protection Rating (hence the IP) described as “Protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction” which is more than ample from any security camera.

Incidentally, there are only two 3 ‘better’ ratings and they all deal with submersion in water.

As well as all these great functions, the vendor has also included 6 months of free cloud storage using their own cloud provider.

This can be invaluable as saving to your own personal cloud can mean that it quickly filled up as you get to grips with the functions of the camera.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

As regular readers of this site will know, I am a big fan of Nest products.

They are super easy to use and the killer edge is the app which is superb.

The app combines high functionality with ease of use which is hard to find.

This app has all the usual great Nest features and takes the integration even further.

As well as the Alexa integration this camera can also integrate with your smartwatch (Both Apple and Android Wear).

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Earlier in the article, I referred to the need to be mindful of security and ensure that your chosen camera has good encryption.

This one has the lot with the very latest 128-bit AES encryption, TLS, 2048-bit RSA private keys and Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Imou Security Camera

As you might have noticed all the suggested cameras thus far are Alexa integrated.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t excellent google assistant compatible spy cameras out there.

There are and this is a perfect example.

Imou Security Camera

Imou Security Camera

As with all the cameras on our recommended list, this has excellent functionality.

It has a great 720 HD camera which according to the blurb has “glass optics with a professional image-processing algorithm”. I am not 100% sure what that is but it certainly results in very good footage.

The final aspect that impressed me with this camera is that is comes bundled with a UK-based lifetime technical support which if you have ever struggled with technology you will know is very useful.


In conclusion, there are lots of spy camera with Alex and Google Assistant integration and that number is only going to increase.

They are certainly useful and although you might not be an avid user of this technology now, you might be in the future so it’s not wise to discount this technology.

However, you should not pay over the odds for this additional ability. Always focus on the other technical elements of the camera.

The question of Google Vs Amazon is a very personal one.

If you have an android phone and use Google Chromecast or any other google products then obviously the google assistant is best for you.

If you use a lot of Amazon products including the fire stick then Alexa might be a better fit.

Finally, as the volume of data these devices holds about you increases so does the importance of good security.

Happy Spying.