So you’ve just bought your spy camera, and you notice an annoying time and date stamp when you record footage.

I’ve noticed this irritates a lot of people, so I have made a video telling you how to remove the time and date stamp.

Watch the video below:

Here is the exact time / date format of the file that you need to change (you can literally just copy and paste this), then follow the instructions in the video:

2015-01-01 23:59:59 N

But I don’t have a time and date stamp file

If you don’t have the time and date stamp file when you connect your spy camera to your machine, you will need to create one.

Goto your search bar and search for “notepad”. The search bar is always in the bottom left of your screen.

This applies on any Windows machine as far back as Windows 95.

find notepad on windows pc

What you are going to do is create the file. When it finds notepad (which it will, because it is a standard piece of software on any Windows machine), click on the notepad icon.

A blank file will open. Now you need to create the time.txt file.

So, copy this text exactly and paste it into the blank notepad file:

2015-01-01 23:59:59 N

It should look like this:

notepad create file

Now save the file as “time”. Click file / save as and then type time.

It should look like this:

notepad save time file

You need to find this file again, so save the time file to somewhere you will remember. In the example I show you, the file is saving to my documents. Change the file location to somewhere you can remember.

notepad file saved location

Then navigate to the time file.

Then reconnect your spy camera to your PC with the USB cable as I showed in the video.

Connecting your spy camera to your machine

If you’re stuck on how to do this, simply use the USB cable that arrived with the spy camera.

spy camera with usb cable


My spy camera with USB cable


Attach the USB cable to your pc, as shown below:

spy camera usb connected to pc


My spy camera attached to PC with USB cable


You should now be able to follow the instructions in the video to turn off the time and date stamp on your spy camera.

Here’s how if you got stuck:

Copy the time file from your saved location, and paste it in the the root drive of your spy camera (it is usually d:).

It should look like this when finished:

time file added

After you have uploaded the file

The key point that people miss is using the correct format for the “time” file, and then turning the camera off and on after they have uploaded the time file.

Just copy this exactly into a notepad file as I have shown in the video, and save the file as time.txt

Then upload this file (time.txt) to the files on your spy camera when you connect to your machine.

Can you remove the time and date stamp on any spy camera?

Yes, this trick works on any spy camera. This includes spy pen cameras, spy watch cameras or indeed any spy camera!

After you have removed the time and date stamp

The time and date stamp should never return once it has been removed. If it does, simply follow the instructions above and change the Y to an N. This will permanently turn off the time / date stamp.

Happy Spying!