In this post I’ll take you through exactly how to use a Spy Watch Camera.

The usual Spy Watch Camera instructions leave a lot to be desired, especially if the watch camera is delivered from countries like China or India.

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know to get the most our of your watch camera.

Here is the video version of these Spy Watch Camera Instructions

Which Watch Camera Did I Use To Produce This How To Guide?

The watch camera I am used for this demo is a high end 1080p full HD spy watch camera, which is waterproof and even has infrared recording.

spy camera watch

The reason is that I’ve found after testing multiple watch cameras, it’s better to pay a bit more and get quality.

If you don’t you might find that the camera stops working or even falls apart!

Spy Watch Camera Package Contents

When you receive the watch camera, you’ll get the watch, the casing, usually a spare cap for the USB in out cover, and obviously a USB cable.

Now the first thing you might be wondering is, what kind of quality video do Spy Watch Cameras take?

Spy Watch Camera Quality Of Footage

This particular watch camera records at 1920 * 1080 and 30 FPS.

This means that when you take footage, you get high quality and the frames don’t drop. When the video tracks movement, you won’t see a jerky effect because the FPS are good enough to resemble what your eye sees in real life.

Let’s have a quick look to see what that looks like:

As you can see there is no jerkiness or blurring as the camera moves.

The next thing you might be thinking about is what is the audio quality like on Spy Watch Cameras? Well let’s have a listen to what my demonstration audio sounds like:

Spy Watch cameras have a lot of advantages, because your body is free to move around and you can adjust where the camera is pointing, but it means that the microphone is not always as close to your mouth as with other body worn cameras.

Demonstration Standing Position Using A Spy Watch Camera

Watch Camera With Rucksack 1

Generally speaking, you’ll want to stand about 2-3 feet away from the subject when recording. The microphone should definitely pick up both voices at this distance.

Now there are ways of improving the audio, and I’ve written a guide on exactly how to do this. (link opens in new tab)

Bottom Line:

Different spy cameras have different sensitivity of microphones, but it’s always possible to maximise the audio quality.

Check out the linked post above to find out exactly how to do that. As long as you have bought a reasonable quality Spy Watch Camera and are not too far away from the subject, you should be able to get decent quality audio.

Turning the camera off and on

Turning the spy watch camera off and on couldn’t be easier.

Hold the power on / off button down to turn the camera on. You’ll see the camera flash a light blue / pink colour. The camera is now on, but it not yet recording.

Press the on off button once quickly, and you’ll see a brief blue flashing light. The camera is now recording.

Press the button again, and the camera stops recording.

By pressing the button in this way, you switch between off and on.

If you’re ever unsure about whether the camera is off or on, hold down the power button until you see the pink / blue flashing light again.

Then press the button quickly as I show you. If the light doesn’t flash at all, then the watch camera is turned off.

Stopping The Ticking Noise On Spy Watch Cameras

A common complaint when using Spy Watch Cameras is the annoying ticking noise that is audible when you record footge.

Spy watch cameras also serve as a standard watch, which means they have ticking hands to denote the time.

You can easily stop the ticking noise when recording by pulling out the time adjuster nob which stops the watch hands and therefore stops the ticking!

Charging The Spy Watch Camera

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Spy Watch Camera?

My test Spy Watch Camera takes about 2 – 3 hours to fully charge after the battery is completely spent. After extensive online research, this appears to be the normal charging time.

Taking Care Of The Battery

Be careful when charging your watch camera – the instructions might say that you need to charge for 24 hours but I’ve found this is completely unnecessary and may fry the battery.

There will be a different light that is displayed depending on whether the watch is fully charged or not.

My watch camera flashes blue and red when it is charging.

When the camera is fully charged, there is a solid red light which shows it’s time to stop charging the watch camera!

Using The USB Cable To Charge The Watch Camera

When you get your spy watch camera, you’ll get a USB cable that connects into the side of the camera.

You can plug this into the side of the PC, so you can charge the camera this way. The downside of this is that the charging takes much longer.

The best way to charge the camera is to use any kind of converter that allows you to plug the charger directly into the wall.

In this case, you can see I have plugged the USB cable into my phone charger, and then plugged it directly into the socket.

This makes the watch camera charge much faster.

Now I am in Europe, so the charger you see will be different depending on which country you live in. You may also receive a converter which allows you to plug the charger directly into the socket.

It depends on the make and model of the watch camera.

Battery Life Of The Spy Watch Camera

I did a test to see exactly how long the spy camera battery lasts.

In this test, the battery lasted 1 hour and 6 minutes with continuous recording. I must confess that I do not think the battery was fully charged however.

The watch camera is intelligent, and when is recording continuously it saves to the devices hard drive every 10 minutes exactly.

This equates to saving about 1GB worth of footage every 10 minutes. With a 16 GB hard drive, and a full charge, I’d estimate that this watch camera can record continuously for about 100 minutes.

Other watch cameras may vary depending on the make and model.

Care For Your Spy Watch Camera

So you’ve just bought your new Spy Watch camera, and you’re wondering can you easily replace the watch strap?

The answer is unfortunately not! It is not usually possible to replace the strap on Spy Watch Cameras yourself, or at a watch repair specialist.

Here’s why:

Spy Watches usually have custom made watch straps. Let’s use my spy watch camera as an example:

Custom Made Spy Watch Straps

spy watch strap top

The top of my spy watch strap

Notice that the strap at the top of my spy watch camera is curved.

If you compare this to a typical watch strap, it looks very different. Most standard watch straps are straight.

Here’s an example:

standard watch straps straight

Standard Watch Straps For Comparison

See the difference?

This means that if you take your spy watch camera to a watch replacement specialist, they might be able to fit a straight strap with a lot of work and effort.

But it won’t fit properly and will probably come off your wrist or break, because the design is different.

Equally, you will not be able to easily replace the strap yourself.

Are all spy watches fitted with custom straps?

Usually they are. This is something you should check carefully before you purchase a spy watch.

Because after all – if the strap breaks, your spy watch is now completely useless.

How to check if you can replace the strap on your Spy Watch

Try zooming in on the image of the spy watch camera you intend to purchase.

Note if the strap looks different to a normal watch strap.

If the strap is straight then you will probably be able to easily replace it.

However if it is an unusual shape like mine (curved), you will probably need to contact the seller for a replacement strap.

When I purchased my Spy Watch camera, I asked the seller about replacement straps and he quoted a price of £10 (about $12.50) at the time of writing.

Not a bad deal!

How I found out about the custom designs on Spy Watches

I walked around my local shopping centre and personally asked 3 watch replacement specialists about replacing the strap.

They all said roughly the same : it would be difficult and expensive to replace the strap, and it probably wouldn’t last long.

Go back to the seller.

shocked dog face

My Face After Speaking To Watch Replacement Specialists

Taking Care Of Your Spy Watch Strap

I imagine you don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing the strap on your spy watch camera. So here are some basic tips to take care of it:

Try to avoid getting the strap wet

Some sellers advise that your spy watch is waterproof. It might well be, but is this really a test you want to try out?

If the strap is rubber or leather then over time exposure to water will rot and degrade the strap.

Be gentle when putting the watch off or on

Try not to yank at the strap too much.

If you pull at the strap eventually you’ll deform the shape, leading to tears and eventually it will snap off entirely.

If the strap gets dirty or greasy wash it carefully with soap, then dry thouroughly

This is the exception to getting the strap wet.

As long as you wash it carefully and dry it thouroughly afterwards, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the strap.

General Care Of The Spy Watch Strap

Think about the strap of your spy watch before you make a purchase.

Try to find one with a straight strap (unlikely), but if you cannot, be aware that you will need to take good care of the strap to extend its life.

Also, be prepared to contact the seller if you ever need a replacement strap.


The biggest problem you will face when purchasing a Spy Watch Camera is the poor quality instructions. Use this guide to get the best out of your watch camera and you will be up and running in no time!

Please be aware that the biggest drawback of using Spy Watch Cameras is the audio quality.

There are a number of tricks you can use post production to improve the audio quality. I’d suggest reading the related guide to improve audio quality on spy video recordings to fix this problem.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll be glad to answer.

Happy Spying!