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wireless transmitter and receiver listening device

How far can listening devices work? 

Modern listening devices can have an effective range of up to 1640 feet, though there is significant variation depending on the make, model and configuration. Let’s look at how we can use typical listening devices before delving into the range of options on offer. Listening…

Spy Glasses Featured image

Best Spy Camera Glasses 

Spy Glasses are becoming very popular and for one important reason…They are very versatile. A lot of body-worn cams need to be hidden on your person which is fine if the weather is cold and you have multiple layers. In these cases, spy pens can…

Apeman 12MP 1080P Trail Wildlife Camera Trap

Spy Cameras – Best of Breed 

As covered in many of our other articles, the key to obtaining the ideal spy camera is first to have a think about what you intend to do with it. Once you know this the path is a lot easier. But what should you buy…

spy cameras for bedroom

Best Spy Cameras For Bedrooms 

When you think of home security, the first place you will probably think of is your bedroom. Why? Well, the bedroom is where most people store their valuables. So it makes sense to install covert spy cameras in your bedroom to ensure you can catch…