You may be like me. I got home with my brand new shiny spy camera, only to start wondering where should I put it and what is the best way to camouflage it?

Fortunately there are loads of amazing ways to camouflage a spy camera both indoors and outdoors. All it needs is some creative thought.

Here’s some ideas you may want to try:

Can any camera be placed outside?

No...When hiding a camera outside the first thing to check is that the camera is weather proof.

As simple as this sounds, many spy cameras look durable enough to be placed outside but in fact are not constructed to deal with a harsh winter.

When purchasing a camera always make sure that it explicitly states that it is suitable for outdoor use.

Now I have a outdoor spy camera, where do I put it?

Here’s the deal: Its all about Location, Location, Location….

This is key for getting the perfect footage.

The first consideration is what you need to watch. This will normally be a door or a window.

Where ever is deemed the area ‘at risk’. If you have several entry points then you will need to ensure the camera is placed in a location that has a view of all the ‘at risk’ locations.

If this is not possible, you might need multiple cameras.

Are there any other technical considerations when buying an outdoor spy camera?

The main thing is how the data is stored.

SD cards are fine but will you remember to replace them? Most of the cameras work on the basis that the camera will continue to record until the SD Card is full, and then the footage will continue but wipe the start of the SD Card.

If this is what you want, fine…but be aware.

If you decide to use a WIFI camera, make sure your WIFI is powerful enough to serve a camera in the garden.

But I need to find a great hiding place…..this is the most important thing right?


The most important consideration is that trees and bushes will not grow around the camera to obscure the view.  You need to be able to place it a location and leave it.

If the camera is well hidden great….if not, no worries.

A visible camera can act as a deterrent to would be burglars. Many burglars seeing a spy camera will decide to not break in and move on.

You might be thinking that’s great for outdoors – but how do I hide a spy camera inside?

Here’s the best part:

Indoors offers the most choices for great locations for your new spy camera.

Hiding in plain sight is the key to the best way to hide an indoors spy camera.

There are hundreds of different options, here are some of my favorites:

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Spy Camera

Smoke Alarms :- Nobody would ever suspect a smoke alarm and most of the ones on the market also function as an actual smoke alarm, so nobody would ever guess.

The other great aspect of a smoke alarm is that it can be placed in an elevated position thus giving a wide view.

So you get to see all the action!!

However ……… warned

If the smoke alarm is on the ceiling although you get a nice wide view, you will only get the top of people’s heads not their faces.

Ideal if you want to laugh at your guests bald spots, but not great if you want to capture a face.

Bedside Alarm Clocks

Bedside Alarm clocks – Another innocuous device which nobody would suspect.

However since this story made the news people might be more suspicious:

The downside…..

The field of vision will be limited.

It will only give you a view of the bed which might be what you are after…If you are trying to find out exactly why the local milk man spends so much time on his errr…..rounds

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toy Spy Camera

Looking on the internet, these have become increasingly popular over the last few years with an increasing number sold on a whole host of sites.

Why are these so popular?

Because they have one huge advantage…..they can be moved around.

Nobody would ever suspect them. A bedroom alarm clock in the front room looks a bit odd but a stuffed toy can be moved anywhere.

The flip side……

Hide them when kids come round. They are delicate and will not work after a fight with a two year old (and the footage will be worse than a Bourne action film).

Wall socket spy camera

Wall Socket

So what if you want to place a camera in somebody else’s house? After all, you can’t just dump a stuffed toy in their house, or start swapping their smoke alarms.

That would be a little odd!

Well there is a great answer to that…

Use wall sockets

All sockets look roughly the same and nobody ever pays any attention to them.

You can buy a fully functional wall socket complete with camera.

To be clear, its best to swap the whole unit rather than try to shoehorn a camera in the existing wall socket. It’s difficult and might not work.

And the best thing…..

This can be used in houses or office spaces with zero furniture.

Think of a rental property or office space which you intend to rent out furniture free.

You can still bug these areas.

As always, check with the law. The legality of spy filming varies from country to country, and in the US by state.


Pen Spy Camera

So…you want the ultimate in spy camera portability.

There is only one choice

The Pen Spy Camera

These can be worn on your person. Simply pop them in your top pocket and walk around and get all the action. However, it can also be left unattended to get all the great footage while you are out of the room.

Nobody ever notices a pen unless it’s quite special. So when buying one, make sure it’s pretty bland.

My fellow spy cam blogger, Steve,  is a massive fan of the Watch Spy Camera  which I must admit is great but this cannot be left in a room.

Somebody will also chase you “hey, you forgot your watch” but a pen will just sit there.



So a whole bunch of you will be sitting at home thinking “Fantastic, they all sound perfect, but I only want to record one conversation” or “I simply don’t have the money to be spending on spy camera equipment”

There is an answer:

The humble phone or laptop.

Most of you will have a laptop or a smartphone. These devices can be used to record either sound or video. However, these both come with a massive warning……….

You might get busted.

Most people are now fully aware that these devices can record sound or video.

A laptop pointed towards them or a phone conveniently placed on a table during a sensitive conversation can spook some people.

The solution……

Is to always be very discreet.

Try to have the phone within recording distance but not too obvious. Have the laptop on a desk, somewhere where it doesn’t look out of place.

Remember, its always best to do a dry run to make sure all the action is going to be picked up.


So what have we learned?

There’s a massive array of options out there to help enable you to camoflage your spy camera.

This article contains a few of my very favourite options.

If there was one single important point…it’s this:

Think about who or what you are trying to film.

If it is a burglar then put it in the garden. You’ll capture them trying to get in even if its not successful.

When it’s people in the house then maybe a smoke alarm or bedside alarm.

If you are unsure as you don’t know yet, portability is the key.

I would suggest the pen or stuffed toy.

Finally, for sparse places or environments where you are unable to smuggle anything in.

Then the wall socket is the best choice.

For more great spy camera tips head to our home page and enjoy….

Happy Spying!