Spy Glasses are becoming very popular and for one important reason…They are very versatile.

A lot of body-worn cams need to be hidden on your person which is fine if the weather is cold and you have multiple layers.

In these cases, spy pens can be put in pockets and cameras placed in fake buttons.

However, this is limiting in hot weather.

Spy Glasses do not have this problem, They can be worn anywhere without raising suspicion.

They also have the added bonus of doubling up as static cameras. A pair of glasses left in the corner of a room is unlikely to look untoward.

Glaseses can be left without raising suspicion

Glasses can be left without raising suspicion

Many people have even used them in the car to provide an easy replacement for a dash camera.

The adding benefit of this is that any conversation following a crash can also be recorded which is invaluable when allocating blame afterwards.

In this article, we look at the key features to look for and show our top picks.

Key Features

1/ Video Quality

It might seem like an obvious statement to ensure the glasses produce high-quality video.

However, this is often assumed and people are disappointed once they finally use their glasses.

Therefore ensure the glasses state Full HD (or 1080p which is the same thing).

An important feature to also check is that the resolution can be downgraded if needed.

Higher resolutions require more storage. If you have a situation that requires a long period of recording you might want to reduce the resolution to ensure it all fits on your storage card.

This is not available in all spy camera glasses.

2/ Storage

The larger the SD card the better….simple.

However, it’s not always this simple as not all devices will recognise the larger cards.

Therefore it very important to check the maximum size of SD card allowable.

Consider that as time goes by, SD cards are getting cheaper and cheaper so although you might not need the 128GB card now, you might in the future.

The final aspect to pay attention to is how the information is retrieved from the glasses.

Does the SD card have to be unmounted and then connected to a computer as discussed here – Memory Cards

Hopefully, the glasses can simply be mounted using a micro USB connector or even better link via WIFI.

3/ Battery Life

This is a balancing act. Obviously the longer the battery the better……as long as it doesn’t compromise the style.

There are quite a few glasses on the market that are incredibly chunky, more so than regular glasses. Obviously, this style has been adapted to house a larger battery.

However, the larger battery is of no use if the glasses are likely to raise questions as your covert operation will be over before its started.

3/ Ease of Use

Your glasses should have a range of configuration options and operation modes.

However, how easy are these to control?

Please remember that these glasses are supposed to be incognito and spending inordinate amounts of time fiddling with your glasses is lightly to arouse suspicion.

4/ Style

The style of the glasses should match the occasion and/or your style. If I turned up to a business meeting in a pair of wraparound shades this would cause some speculation.

Maybe not your normal style

Maybe not your normal style

Also if you normally wear a certain style of glasses, the covert ones should match as close as possible.

Our Top Picks

No1 – Anviker Full HD 1080p Mini Spy Glasses Camera Hidden Camera

My first choice ticks all the boxes and I also personally really like the style.

These glasses very much mirror the glasses I wear day to day.

Anviker Full HD 1080p Mini Spy Glasses Camera Hidden Camera

Anviker Full HD 1080p Mini Spy Glasses Camera Hidden Camera

One of my favourite features of these glasses is how easy it is to upload the data.

There is no need to unmount the SD card. Just plug in the glasses directly and you are ready to upload the footage.

Anviker Easily fit into the Laptop

Anviker easily fits into the Laptop

Other great features are the full HD 1080p video and a free 16GB card included with the glasses.

The glasses can accommodate SD cards up to the size of 64Gb which will ensure that you can record lots of footage without the need to pop home and upload the data.

No2 – SunnyCam Unisex Xtreme

Personally, I really liked the style of these glasses and hence the reason it made my selection of top picks.

One thing to be wary of is they are a very snug fit.

As you will see on our About Page my head is quite small.

Even so, these were a tight fit which surprised me as I normally have the opposite problem. It does seem to alienate a lot of customers.

This would be far too large for Steve’s blockhead also seen on our About Page

Also, despite the sizing and the claim that it is unisex, I did find these glasses to be quite masculine in their style.

Again a surprising choice as the size seems to hint that they are aimed at the female market but the styling does not.

SunnyCam Unisex Xtreme


SunnyCam Unisex Xtreme

All the sizing and styling concerns aside these have some great features.

These glasses are fully waterproof and dustproof and have IP66 accreditation.

Further information on IP accreditation Click Here

Also, this has a great camera. Full 1080 HD camera and an impressive 30 frames per second.

When you purchase these glasses you also receive interchangeable lenses which I thought was a nice touch.

For recording inside, sunglasses are always going to look out of the ordinary so I imagine the clear lenses will be invaluable.

The final feature to focus on with this pair of glasses is likely to divide opinion. The glasses do not use an SD card but come with a built-in 16GB memory.

On the plus side, this is going to avoid the extra cost of the card. Also no worries about getting the right card and potential compatibility issues.

However, its critics will point out this is a single point of failure if the memory fails the glasses are effectively useless.

Also, the user cannot unmount the card and transport it somewhere else.

No 3 – Bysameyee Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses

These glasses are primarily sports glasses. Most of the functionality seems to be geared towards sports, however, most of that functionality also doubles up as great spy glasses.

The only sticking point which is very similar to the previous pick is the style. Everybody is different and this adds another flavour to the mix.

Bysameyee Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses

Bysameyee Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses

As well as a great Full HD camera at 30 FPS this also has lots of day to day features.

My personal favourite was the ability to use Bluetooth integration so you can connect to your phone for a whole host of functions.

I particularly enjoyed using the Bluetooth music integration which meant that headphones can be plugged into the glasses and then you can use the controls on the glasses to skip tracks and control the volume.

Unlike the previous top pick, this pair of glasses use a separate SD card.

However, rather than needing the card to be unmounted the glasses do connect directly to the computer.

Also, the separate SD card does not mean an additional cost as luckily the vendors have bundled in a 16GB SD card.

Lastly, a great 1-year guarantee which is quite rare in spy glasses.


Spy Camera glasses can provide unique functions which means they are a useful addition to your spy camera arsenal.

They allow you to record footage in situations where a spy pen or body worn spy camera might be obvious.

However, like all spy equipment, they are not perfect and have several potential pitfalls.

The first is to ensure that the glasses are fitting with your normal style and the situation. For example, The sports glasses featured above would look out of place in a business meeting.

Despite this, I would certainly recommend all the features glasses as they are very versatile.

Happy Spying