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How far can listening devices work? 

Modern listening devices can have an effective range of up to 1640 feet, though there is significant variation depending on the make, model and configuration. Let’s look at how we can use typical listening devices before delving into the range of options on offer. Listening…

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Is My Laptop Camera Spying On Me? 

We at SpyCamLife have researched PC security issues thoroughly, and can tell you that it’s unlikely that your laptop camera is spying on you…But it IS possible.  However there are a host of precautions you can take to prevent bad actors getting access to your…

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How To Use Spy Cameras To Catch Thieves 

Are you worried about thieves stealing your personal belongings? This is where Spy Cameras really come into their own to protect your prized posessions from theft. What’s more, if the worst happens and your belongings are stolen, you will need evidence to assist law enforcement…

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How Do Spy Cameras Work? 

A lot of people who are considering buying a Spy Camera want to know how they work before purchasing. In this post I’ll tell you all you need to know about how Spy Cameras work, to help you make a decision! Parts Of A Spy…

spy cameras for bedroom

Best Spy Cameras For Bedrooms 

When you think of home security, the first place you will probably think of is your bedroom. Why? Well, the bedroom is where most people store their valuables. So it makes sense to install covert spy cameras in your bedroom to ensure you can catch…