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What is a Private Search Engine? 

Privacy is now at the forefront of people’s minds. There is no easier way of protecting your privacy than using a private search engine and a VPN. A private search engine is a search engine that does not harvest your data and/or track the sites…

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What is the Best Motion Activated Spy Camera? 

The best motion activated spy cameras feature PIR (passive infrared sensors.) This technology measures the infrared light which is emitted from an object. Any change can indicate movement and therefore triggers the camera to start recording. Motion detection ensures that only the key moments are…

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Do Hidden Cameras Need Power? 

Hidden Cameras do need power but that power source can vary from an onboard battery to mains wired electricity. Both power supplies come with their own challenges and this article shows how to find the best for your needs. Battery Power The advantage of battery…

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What Does a Bugging Device Look Like? 

Bugging Devices can be hidden in anything. As technology progresses so does the listening and filming equipment available. However…….although increasingly difficult, this doesn’t mean they can’t be located. We have all seen the movies where someone checks into a hotel and promptly starts checking for bugs…

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Best Spy Camera Glasses 

Spy Glasses are becoming very popular and for one important reason…They are very versatile. A lot of body-worn cams need to be hidden on your person which is fine if the weather is cold and you have multiple layers. In these cases, spy pens can…

Featured What is the Best Outdoor Spy Camera to buy
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What is the Best Outdoor Spy Camera to buy? 

If you have ever bought an outdoor spy camera you will know that not all cameras are weatherproof. Despite the manufacturer’s claims some cannot cope with very adverse weather conditions and some cannot cope with ‘regular’ conditions. Luckily there are now standards and key functions…