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What This Site Is About

Spycam life is your source for all spy cam information.

We are Spy Camera enthusiasts and we post content about any related topics or questions related to Spy Cameras.

We actively test out Spy Cameras before offering recommendations, as well as sourcing the best information online, collating it and organising it for you.

We aim to make the SpyCamLife interesting and fun to read, by presenting the information in an engaging way.

We use images, infographics and videos to bring the content to life and ensure that you can find out what you need to know as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy the site!

Why We Love Spy Cameras

Steve first developped an interest in Spy Cameras when he was a dating coach years ago. He noticed that you could create unique interesting footage which intrigues people to watch, without expensive equipment or technical knowledge of filming.

He realised the potential of spy cameras for all purposes – and their utility has only grown over the years as technology has improved.

Picture of somebody using app security integration

Colin testing out the latest Spy Camera Android Apps!

Colin has always had a tech background, so naturally he was fascinated by Spy Cameras, especially their use in the home and with mobile devices.

With the advent of devices like Amazon Alexa, the potential for Spy Cameras for home security is growing, and we’ll be covering this in great detail on Spy Cam Life!

About Steve And Colin

Steve and Colin have been friends since childhood in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. After Steve introduced Colin to Spy Cameras in 2015, we’ve tested and used numerous Spy Cameras for personal use.

In September 2018 we decided it’s time to share our passion with the world and Spy Cam Life was born!

We only ever recommend devices that we’ve personally tested and can vouch for. We want Spycam Life to be as authentic and real as possible – so rest assured we won’t be recommending any trashy products that fall apart after 1 or 2 uses!

Steve And Colin, SpyCamLife, September 2018