So you want to protect your home, but you’re not sure which spy camera to use?

We’ve done the research and compiled the top 8 best hidden indoor spy cameras for home security.

The list is in ranking order where 1 is the best!

8. Water Bottle Spy Camera

water bottle covert spy camera for home

This is surely the coolest looking spy camera on this list!

It’s a very versatile spy camera and you could even take it out with you. If for some reason you wanted to spy in the gym, you could use this camera without problem.

This spy camera can be placed virtually anywhere in the home : the kitchen, front room, possibly even the bedroom.

Although people are more wary of spy cameras nowadays, this is one that the public wouldn’t suspect.

I’ve checked the reviews on Amazon, and the quality of footage and audio is comparable with other spy cameras on this list.

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There is only one downside! Unfortunately it’s a huge one.

You have to take off the labels which cover the water bottle every time you want to charge or download the footage.

Whilst there are replacement labels that come with the device, it obviously has a limited shelf life. Once the labels are gone, you need to order replacements.

This is a lot of hassle and expensive.

For this reason, this spy camera has been downgraded from its original high score.


Disguise : 8/10
Ease Of Use : 9/10
Features : 4/10
Instructions : 6/10

Overall Ranking : 6.75/10

7. Smoke Alarm Spy Camera

smoke alarm spy camera for home

The smoke alarm spy camera is surely one of the most unobtrusive on this list. No one would ever think to check a smoke alarm for hidden cameras.

It’s also really easy to use. Most smoke alarm spy cameras are operated by a remote control. You just click whichever mode you want, and the spy camera responds.

You will probably make use of motion detection recording most often. It’s very easy to set up, and as you can imagine, when someone walks near or underneath the sensor the camera will start recording.

(Don’t worry – the camera automatically switches off if it doesn’t sense any more movement after 2-3 minutes, so it won’t run down the battery).

The smoke alarm spy camera has the obvious disadvantage of it’s position. You’re not going to be able to capture the faces of anyone who is filmed.

If you need to capture the face (which you would do if you wanted to catch a burglar), then this camera is probably not right for you.

This lower rating is what brings the overall score down for the smoke detector spy camera.


Disguise : 9/10
Ease Of Use : 8/10
Features : 5/10
Instructions : 6/10

Overall Ranking : 7/10

6. Usb Stick Hidden Spy Camera

usb stick hidden spy camera for home

This is an ideal home spy camera for an office or study room. It looks exactly like a USB stick as you can see, and could easily be blended in with actual USB sticks for added disguise.

Like most spy cameras on this list, you can get a motion detection version with video and audio. The quality of audio and video is comparable to the other cameras on this list.

This camera is not quite as portable as some of the others on our list. It’s more unusual to carry around a USB stick than a set of car keys for example.

So if you wanted to take the device outdoors, it is not as well disguised.

However it is perfect for home use. The camera is easy to use, has a decent battery life with reasonable audio and video.

This type of camera is well known for poor quality instructions. However it’s pretty simple to operate, so this is not a major drawback.

Disguise : 7.5/10
Ease Of Use : 8/10
Features : 7/10
Instructions : 6/10

Overall Ranking : 7.125/10

5. The Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera

This is a great little indoor spy camera for home use!

As you can see, it looks just like a plain old alarm clock. No one would ever suspect that it contains a pin hole camera which records secret footage!

However there is a downside to it’s covertness. You can only really use it in a bedroom – no one uses alarm clocks in their front room or kitchen. So it is limited in that respect.

You could also take it with you on your travels. It would not be suspicious to use an alarm clock in an Airbnb room or hotel, for example.

Most alarm clock spy cameras score highly on ease of use. You can easily set them up as motion activated, which will be their primary use.

However, you must confirm this when you buy. The average range of motion detection is between 6-10 metres.

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Be warned that some of these devices have no audio recording capability. Make sure you check before you buy.

The majority of feedback on these devices is that they are well made and unlikley to break easily.

There were some complaints about the quality of instructions on these devices. However this is not unusual, as you will see when you read this review.


Disguise : 7/10
Ease Of Use : 9/10
Features : 7/10
Instructions : 6/10

Overall Ranking : 7.25/10

4. Key Fob Spy Camera

key fob covert spy camera

Another ultra stealth spy camera that no one would ever suspect. After all, who hasn’t seen a set of car keys lying around a house before?

This camera is obviously very versatile and can be used in any room in the house, as well as outdoors.

You could easily record a conversation with a work colleague or a dodgy salesman if need be, and they would never suspect.

You get what you pay for with this camera, so you’ll need to get one with decent quality video recorder and audio. A common complaint on Amazon was that the camera lens is not fisheye, so it has a narrow range of vision.

Another issue is the very poor instructions. Again, try to source one of these cameras from a reputable supplier who has actually written instructions in English (and is a native speaker!)

Overall a great camera but has limitations unless you pay for a bit more. It is a useful compliment to other spy cameras on this list, for total coverage of your house.


Disguise : 9/10
Ease Of Use : 8/10
Features : 7/10
Instructions : 6/10

Overall Ranking : 7.5/10

3. Clothes Hanger Spy Camera

clothes hook spy camera for home

This nifty spy camera scores highly on disguise and ease of use. It’s very easy to disguise because most people have some kind of clothes hanger in their home. People expect to see it.

Plus the camera is tiny and there is obviously no flashing light or sign that the camera is recording. It’s very easy to set up on motion detection or continuous recording.

The hanger is designed so that even if someone hangs a coat up, it will not obscure the lens!

However, it’s also only useable in some parts of your home. You are unlikely to use in your bedroom, for example.

The instructions are also reported to be poor.

Overall however, still a great spy camera for home security.

We’ve found an example test of the spy coat hanger. Check it out below:

Coat Hanger Spy Camera Demo


Disguise : 9/10
Ease Of Use : 9/10
Features : 7/10
Instructions : 6/10

Overall Ranking : 7.75/10

2. Thermometer Covert Spy Camera

thermometer spy camera for home

This is a spy camera purely for home use.
You cannot take it outdoors and record for obvious reasons!

This spy camera has the usual features of permanently on, or activated by motion detection. It also has night recording options too.

The camera looks just like a thermometer and is well disguised. Based on my research, users also found this camera extremely easy to use.

The instructions are basic but adequate.

Despite its limitations, this is an ideal spy camera for home security.

You could hang it on the wall and forget about it.

On motion detection and a fully charged battery you could easily record overnight if any intruders enter the house.

Disguise : 8.5/10
Ease Of Use : 9/10
Features : 7.5/10
Instructions : 7/10

Overall Ranking : 8/10

1. Photo Frame Spy Camera

photo frame spy camera

Probably the best looking spy camera on our list because it is disguised as a pretty picture!

This would be ideal to hang up in the kitchen or front room.

You would need to bear in mind the relatively narrow field of vision and hang it at one end of the room, to make sure you capture as much of the room as possible.

This is another very covert spy camera for indoors.
Like the spy thermometer, you can hang it up, set it on motion detection and forget about it.

It’s easy to use too. I’ve read the reviews on Amazon and there have been fewer than normal complaints – so the instructions (for once) are actually quite good.

Furthermore, some of these picture spy cameras allow instant alters to your phone when they switch on or detect movement – a nice feature which the other cameras lack.

Overall a great spy camera which is perfect for covert recording in the home.

Disguise : 9/10
Ease Of Use : 9/10
Features : 8/10
Instructions : 7/10

Overall Ranking : 8.5/10


As you can see, there is a wide variety of spy cameras available for home use.

Each one has its own strengths and weakness, but I hope this rating can help you to decide.

If you only need to monitor 1 room and don’t want to use the device outdoors as well, then I’d recommend choosing from the top 3 in the list.

If however you want to cover the whole house, try using a range of devices to get that total coverage.

Happy spying!